Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Twitter tips for Non-Profits

Use these twitter tips for your Non-Profit and you will be well on your way to a large list of followers


How to choose your keywords

1. Steve would you please quickly review what we learned last time about….
A. Keywords?
B. Keyword phrases?
C. Longtail keyword phrases?

2. Why are keywords important? What do they do?
A. They are the basis on which search engines do their searching

3. Does it matter if keywords end with s or ed, start with un or pre, or whatever?

4. So after our research, we have identified some good keywords, phrases, & LT’s for our niche.
What do we do with them? We put as many as we can on the first page people see, right?
A. No, keyword stuffing can actually hurt your ranking
B. It is best to use some keywords as part of quality content.