Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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How to turn your lifes passion in to profit.

Picking your Niche.

"The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.”

Malcolm S. Forbes

Key questions to ask yourself. These question help you define the "what" you will be building web properties about and as equally important the "why" you are going to build them. The fire and drive which will greatly determine your success.

(See my answers below)

1. Do you want to live life or just exist? Are you a follower or do you want to control your own destiny?

2. What is the hobby you would do if you had enough money to retire comfortably right now? What would you do everyday?

3. Do you want to build a business you can pass on to your family or loved ones?

4. Are you willing to invest 15-20 hours a week into building your online presence for 12-24 months initially?

5. Are you willing to openly involve your loved ones. Have you considered is there a mutual subject you both or all love doing?

6. Are you willing to Network with help and learn from a Non-Profit in your niche?

My Answers

1. As I get older it seems time passes faster. I have always wanted to earn a living from my Laptop helping and learning about subjects I am passionate about. (My short list Helping cool people with Internet Marketing, Gardening, Alternative Energy, Veterans Benefits, and Homesteading.

2. Being a "Gentlemen Farmer", and Technology activist for Non-Profits.

3. Yes I have no children but lots of family and many, many good people I have met in this journey. I would not be writing this if not for hundreds of great people I have met and learned from along the path.

4. I love doing this "Internet Marketing" thing, so I will do this forever. If I am not "Working for the man" I am on the computer, networking, and always learning in the warmer weather gardening. (To see some of our gardening videos check out our Gardening Non-Profit You Tube channel)

5. Years ago my family was supportive out of concern they always warned me keep my day job. Expect this and I agree with this. My family knows more about Internet Marketing then 98% of the population and I look forward in the near future to building many different websites based around mutual interests. I would suggest involving everyone, perhaps you have a child who is creative and one who digs computers, let your family members do what they like doing and build from there.

6 From this journey I have gained balance, and optimism, the "small stuff" does not bother me as much. If it had not been for helping the Food for Everyone Foundation I might just have given up on the Internet. The Foundation made it fun again and I knew the work I was doing was important. It gave me purpose in life again.

Rule 1 Do what you love. (Only you can decide this)

Rule 2 Find a Non-Profit in the Niche you love. (We help you find one)

Rule 3. Have a Plan (We give you the plan)

Rule 4. Follow through consistently. (I will show you our schedule)

Rule 5. Never give up. (Don't ever forget the "Why)

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