Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twitter lesson on Change the World U

My steps in publishing new content

What should you do first?
This is what I suggest.
1. Submit to Ezine articles
2. After it is approved modify and lengthen the article Post to your main website ping the engines and social media/bookmarking sites. (I use Pingmyblog and
3. Add the article to any free blogs you might have.
4. Using the article create a Squidoo lens or Hubpage or both. If you can modify the article again while keeping the core points do so.
5. Take this article especially if it is a “How to” and put it into a Future interview questions folder. You will be seeking out experts in your niche and also networking with people who can interview you in the future.
6. Can this article be a future video? If so put the article into your future videos folder.

The key point is one article with a small amount of effort can be used multiple times and also form the outline for future content creation. Now we have written, Podcast, and Video.

One thing I really like about Ezinearticles is that they have taken the time to create How to videos so please watch the videos and write some articles then you will start to get traffic to your website.

The beauty is once your reach Platinum author status you can submit as many articles for as many websites as you like.

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