Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Victory online university update

As I thought 100% of the people would be excited at first and you slowly dwindle down to the people who are serious. This is always an interesting process, yet painful at times.

I did not start the Network but can say that both Matt and Kevin are top of the line marketers. A big thing I appreciate is the mixture of business techniques and self help/ well being information. It is the Ying and Yang that is necessary to succeed.

Real good people with valuable information and the never quit mindset, and that is what it takes.

Please join us all on Victory Online University

Take an afternoon listen to the Victory online university Apprentice training Podcasts or you can download them to your ipod.

Figure each podcast you listen to you are getting $250-500.00 of training. Not bad for free, now take the information learned and take ACTION.

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