Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Victory Online University

Matt LaClear and Kevin Lankford have teamed up to create an excellent Social Network called Victory Online University.

Victory online University is based on the Ning platform and I have been very impressed by both Ning and Talkshoe which they use for LIVE training.

Frankly when I first heard about it I was like ok Here we go again.

Fastforward two Apprentice training session later and I am fired up. These guys actually know every step from idea to design to full blown successful Internet Marketing campaigns. Things I am weak on long list such as Podcasting, listbuilding, squeeze pages, and Social Networking I can ask them. Victory Online University has also volunteered to assist the Food for Everyone Foundation in building a Non-Profit VOU Network which can help the Foundation and many other Non-Profits and Charities.

I had the pleasure of talking one on one via phone to both Matt and Kevin both are amazing in there knowledge, focus on tasks needed to be done and above all you can hear they love what they are doing.

As I talked with Kevin I told him I had felt like I was speaking a foreign language and it was awesome to finally talk with someone who could understand me.

People making income online is a step by step process Matt and Kevin have refined the social networking piece down to a science which they explain to you so you can understand.

I recently found out Matt and Kevin offer a full spectrum of Internet Marketing products from Aweber setup to Podcasts to Videos for Youtube.
I will post more about that in the future. For now I have to get ready (eat) before the 9 pm EST Victory Online University free Apprentice Training call.

Should be a very interesting winter.

I will be posting more as our progress continues.

One key thing, Do what you love. I love gardening, internet marketing, helping non-profits, learning about and using alternative energy and helping veterans. That is my next 5 years in a nutshell


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