Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Global humaintarian relief for all

The time is drawing near!

Manhattan Beach, CA (AWWN) August 9, 2010, Global Humanitarian Relief Day (GHRD) #100. A Better Community For All (ABC4All) will soon launch its worldwide campaign for GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN RELIEF (GHR). Through the latest in Internet technologies and social networking, the campaign will reach out and make contact with the world community and give everyone the opportunity to participate in bringing about Global Humanitarian Relief.

The campaign’
s success is directly related to the participation and sharing of each and every member of the world community able to do so, including ABC4All Mentors at present in 109 countries.

Through mutual cooperation each of us can join together to bring about relief to those who suffer needlessly in the world.

The campaign represents a method to enhance the goals of the recent President's Forum with 115 African Youth Leaders from over 40 countries, including Local ABC4All / Nigeria Co-Founder and President, Adewole Taiwo.

People from all countries will participate, but the initial focus will be on bringing relief to the country of Haiti, most in critical need.

The time is drawing near!

Burton Danet, Ph.D.,
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief
Global Humanitarian Relief Day (GHRD) - Every Day!
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ABC4All WorldWide Network (AWWN)

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A Better Community For All (ABC4All) focuses on the betterment of citizenry and communities via a give-back model of conducting business in the world: “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet.”™ Support is offered for charitable causes worldwide. ABC4AllWorldSolutions!™ provide opportunities to reach unimagined “Health Heights™.” A healthier water and application of advanced energy technologies bring the potential for humanitarian relief wherever it is needed throughout the world in emergent/non-emergent situations.

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) 
P. O. Box 1624 * Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624 * 310-712-5477 
ABC4All (at) abc4all (dot) net * http://home.abc4all.net

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