Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 ways Non-Profits can use the Internet to spread the word

We have been really blessed as Squidoo has come forward and assisted the Food for Everyone Foundation, we were selected as the first Non-Profit to create a Squidoo club.

Here is our Squidoo Food for Everyone Gardening club

One of the great ideas the team at Squidoo suggested was to link a Twitter account specific to the niche which in our case is sustainable organic gardening.
Our Gardening Twitter Account.

Third and very powerful is to start up a page on Face book about gardening. Here is a look at the Food for Everyone Foundation Facebook gardening page.

You have to look at what works, Squidoo works for Non-Profits, helping Non-Profits is one of the reasons the company was started.

TY Squidoo
Happy gardening

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