Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why as a business owner need Internet Marketing

1 Why you need Internet Marketing as a website owner?

A Highly focused pre qualified lead
Think about it the client is looking for your specific product. How much would you pay for pre qualified leads?

B 24/7 marketing
With the Internet you are marketing twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Once your site is up, then you simply add relevant content weekly.

C. Worldwide exposure
There are people in your industry everywhere. Why not reach them also. The Internet provides the most efficent method of reaching out and contacting clients and

d. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.
By hiring a Internet Marketing company you can also build in an educational aspect of their work. From the begining make sure they know you want to learn how to update your site on your own. By doing this you can add valuable and necessary content so the search engines will continue to spider your site on a regular basis.
This will give you the oppourtunity to show the world your expertise, write articles on key subjects in your industry. Key point to remember is you need to be able to update it very easily yourself.

E Very Cost effective Try comparing an initial investment of Television, Radio, Or print media. One key thing to remember is that Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Techniques are a visual interactive representation of your company.

F Enhance networking opportunities

G Local Search importance and marketing opportunities

H See what works, track and review, update, track results to maximize your website potential.

As a overall primer for Internet marketing we suggest you purchase the SEOBOOK.


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